Tired of changing batteries ugh

So some stuff is okay but man the freaking locks and motion sensors are killing me

Now in trying to replace a sensor it won’t replace, I can add it as new but it won’t replace

Are there solar panels or a wat to hard wire some of these door locks?

I have 10 of the danr things and keep getting lock out of areas of my house

What model Locks are you using?
Are they reporting battery levels?

You have 10 locks in one house?!


You don’t need to replace a z-wave device when the batteries die. It will reconnect when it powers back on. Try Energizer Lithium batteries though, for longer life.

sounds like that guy Ariel Castro in Cleveland, doesn’t it.

But you didn’t try to answer his question! oops neither did I

yes i have 10 locks lol 4 outside doors and 3 inside doors plus a latch on my master bed