Tips needed for Sensor notification ideas. Colored lights or?

Hello All,
1st post. looking to learn more about home automation and using my new smarttings hub.

Question: I have just purchased the smarttings V2 hub, it is on its way. Along with that I have also purchased two zwave plus window/door sensors.

Wanted to get feedback from the experts here as to what type of notifications are you setting up when using the window/door sensor. I am trying to get ideas how to go about setting up various audio/visual alerts with these windows/door sensors

I was thinking of getting a color bulb, then assign each sensor a different color so for example, if the bedroom window is left open after 10pm, it would flash green. If the kitchen window is left open after 11pm, it would flash yellow, etc.

on weekends, we typically open our patio door and various room windows to let fresh air in. how would I work around that and keep the system to alert me nonstop.

in summary, just curious of learning and tricks and tips when using the window/door sensor.

many thanks.

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