Tip for Alexa + Harmony + Sonos

(Justin) #1

So I’ve integrated ST into Harmony and used Harmony to setup activities which trigger Sonos favorites.

When I name the activity, for rexample “NPR Radio” I cannot seem to use Alexa to trigger the activity by saying " “Alexa turn on NPR Radio” because Alexa wants to start amazon music.
I’ve also tried Radio and music and they also start amazon music as well.
Any thoughts??

(Bobby) #3

How does EchoSistant handle it using: Alexa change to (switch to) NPR Radio in (my Home) or what ever you set your Main Invocation word…

(Justin) #4

I can try w Echosistant. In a perfect world I would likely integrate this switch to the room.

I guess I would create a profile for Kitchen and then assign the he switches to say “Alexa turn on NPR Radio in my kitchen”

(Bobby) #5

Yeah, you would need to use a switch with a Profile, but the Main intent is able to handle Harmony activities directly without virtual switches. If you look at the list of devices that you need to copy/paste to AWS, it already has your Harmony activities.

Update …
Actually, you cannot use a switch with a profile. The Profile can only manage groups (for now)…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #6

But if you only put one switch in that group… Think about it… :frog:

(Rich w) #7

It seems to work ok for me… I have a harmony “button” called outside music. This turns on my receiver, turns on second zone, switches to pandora radio… I have harmony connected to smart things and Alexa connected to smartthings…