TinyCam Pro Android Web/NVR camera app


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Looking for NVR software to run on Linux.

I have this going (Wyze Cams, configured in and www served by tinyCam, viewed in ActionTiles, and controlled by Alexa via IFTTT), but I’m looking for more…

Does anyone here know of some free or inexpensive NVR software (like tinyCam) that runs on Linux (or Windows, I guess)?

The thing is, I really like everything this current setup gives me, but I’d like to be able to do this without the need for having a dedicated Android device in the mix.

In my case, I already have virtual infrastructure (via VMware vSphere ESX Server) in which I can run virtual computers/servers of almost any OS. So, it would be nothing to spin up another Linux (or Windows) VM to handle something like this.

p.s. I know I could install Android x86 in a VM to run tinyCam on that (and I will just for the practice messing with things), but the 3-concurrent-cam limitation kinda spoils the excitement of that option for me.

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If your goal is to access Wyze Cams (i.e., via the Wyze Cloud, since no direct RTSP or ONVIF or other local streams are available at this time from Wyze), then, as far as I know, there is no alternative to tinyCam Monitor Pro for any operating system (though there is an alpha / experimental version of tinyCam for rPi, I think …? Maybe that can be ported to Linux).

The technique used to scrape Wyze Cloud for the stream is not a published API from Wyze. The tinyCam developer hacked and built it himself. I wish he would license it to other NVR makers (Blue Iris, etc.) and/or create a library plug-in for VLC, or … anything.

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Thanks, Terry.
I know you mentioned some of this in a PM on the ActionTiles forum, but I was just trying to poke around a bit to see if anyone else has any more on it.

I assume not, but I try. :slight_smile:

p.s. Today, I’m going to spin up an Android-x86 (thanks for the pointer on that) VM and see how that goes.
Even though I will still have the 3 cam limitation, at least it will be on hardware that is already dedicated for things like this instead of having to run it on one of my wall-mounted control panels (not that that way isn’t really freakin cool in its own way already, but still).

UPDATE (on trying Android-x86):
Doh! I’m having trouble getting it installed properly.
So, I decided to just boot it up from the ‘LiveCD’ in the VM’s virtual CD-Drive.
Well, it boots (using one of the menu options) all the way into Android.
I can move around, and do stuff, BUT there’s no network.
Of course not. lol It’s a VM, running on a server that has no Wi-Fi devices connected.
I tried using vSphere’s pass-through feature to let the VM use the Wi-Fi adapter built into the motherboard of the computer that VMware vSphere is running on, but the VM won’t even start with it connected.
So now, the adventure becomes, “How to get a virtual Wi-Fi device into my Android VM?”, OR, “How to get some kind of Ethernet connection to work inside the Android VM?”

At this point, this is looking like a bit more than I have time for. So, unfortunately, I will probably abandon this route, and just use tinyCam on a ‘real’ Android device while I wait for Wyze to open the APIs, or for somebody else to come up with something that I can run on Linux that does what it does. :confused:

(Alex) #44

Anyone running Android on an Odroid XU4 and TinyCam Pro on that? I have several high resolution
IP cameras that an old Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet is struggling with so I was thinking about using an Odroid instead. Anyone try this already?

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Can you do it for me, just because I’m nice? Lazy, but nice…

(Albert Santiago) #46

Using and android emulator https://www.memuplay.com/blog/2016/02/16/memu-101/
Running Tiny cam pro and linked to Action Tiles for live video steaming.

(Terry Grant) #47

I too have Wyze Cams and ActionTiles and have just gotten Tinycam Pro and have it running on a Fire Stick. Everything works good so far when on my local network. I understand that if you want to view your cameras lets say on your work PC then you have to use Port Forwarding. I have a Netgear WNDr3400v2 and have tried unsuccessfully to do the port forwarding thing. Any guidance/help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I’ve just set up TinyCam with IFTTT to turn a light on upon motion. It works but is slow. Is there a way of using webhooks or something else to trigger my light in smartthings?

I’ve already set up the Blue Iris Fusion system but can’t rely on this just yet as I haven’t got a spare windows pc to leave on all the time to run Blue Iris. In the meantime, I was thinking of trying something else.

(Kevin) #49

I have the TinyCam motion URL set to a WebCoRE piston External URL. It sets a virtual motion sensor active. I haven’t been checking on it, I don’t know how fast it is but probably faster than IFTTT.

(Alcopop2006) #50

Where is it that you locate the url in TinyCam and how do you set it up in WebCore? Sorry if this is obvious!


In TinyCam:

  • tap into a specific camera t
  • then tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose “Camera Settings”
  • Scroll down to Motion Detection and tap it
  • Scroll down to “Webhook on motion” and enter the external url of the piston

In WebCore, you can get the external URL from the Pistons “Quick Facts” box near the label “External Url”.