Timer on switch after Mode change?

Doesn’t see what?

I was replying to Destructure, I can’t see that smartapp.

I tried your SmartApp but I couln’t manage to make it work.
Am I missing something?
I selected the switch that I want to switch off after x minutes, and then the same switch (see image) as trigger for the samrt app.

Are you on the correct tab of the marketplace? It’s an official smart app so it should be there. There’s a Things tab and a Smart Apps tab, they look nearly identical. Be sure you are on the Smart Apps tab before you go into the Lights & Switches section, then it’s the 4th one down in the list.

When you tap Lights & Switches you should see this list. It’s the 4th one in the list.

Let me make sure I understand.

You want to make sure that when that anytime that switch is turned on, it automatically turns off after X minutes? And you are turning the switch on with a routine?

That’s my understanding. If he can find the Power Allowance smart app it’s really the simplest way. Only two fields to fill in, the switch name and how long to leave it on.

Yes, but also manually to test it.

Yes absolutely, and I notice that I don’t have the “Double Tap” smartapp as welll…
I have a UK ST hub, do you have the sames or the US one? I’m guessing it’s something related to the region.

Could I find somwhere the code of the Power Allowance smartapp to recreate it as a custom one?

Try this app…


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I just googled “power Allowance GitHub” and this came up, looks like it might be the code for Power Allowance from the ST GitHub account.

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Just Perfrct, it works!

Thanks so much!

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I tried it and it works as well, thank you!

Of course the best solution for this request and any other amazing thing you are trying to do will be to use CoRE

I think there was even a useless app around. Does the same thing… Turns the switch off when you turn it on, and I think it had a timer too. Hilarious app :wink:

Careful you might be in trouble if somebody turns on a light in the middle of the night and the light turns off and the person steps on the cat!!!



Forget about the cat, how about @bamarayne’s black hole?

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I have an actual use case for this, lol.

Wait, I hope it’s an edge case…


Of course :slight_smile: What else is there?


First, you don’t need the “Immediately” part, just a regular Set Variable (disable the immediate). Immediate is used to tell CoRE to execute the variable set during the evaluation stage - in case you’re using that in another condition. In your case, you’re using an action, so no need. Just untick the immediate execution.

Secondly, the IF has no END IF. Add a task for “End IF block” after the two tasks.

Let me know how that works.

I’ll look into it, thanks, I am not a developer/coder so some stuff is not (yet?) doable for me.
Moreover I am trying to understand if at the moment a smart home is manageable with no software skills.