Timeline - current status of upcoming stuff

(Eduardo Veras) #1

i want to ask the staff guys of the state of some of this things that i know are of interest to everyone! i want to know if some of them are coming soon or even coming some day or not at all :frowning: Here’s the list:

1.SmarThings Rule Builder built into the app(i know there are ios and web based thid party ones)
2.Windows(Desktop) or Web version of the app
3.Support for RSTP cameras, easy way
4.Better lock suppor by default(changing codes, asigning codes, etc, without extra smartapps)
5.Full offline operation(any smartapp, any devicetype)
4…SmartThings Relay? (Somethings like wink relay but that actually works)

i just want a simple answerd on each topic like “few days” , “few weeks” , “few months”, “few year”…or never :smile:

(Brian Smith) #2

Yep - they really just need to incorporate @ethayer’s User Lock Manager directly into the system. That is an awesome app!!!

+1 on the SmartThings Relay…or we just jailbreak a Wink Relay and get ST running on it!

(sidjohn1) #3

This can be done with chrome and the android version of smarthtings

You mean like smarttiles?

(The fish is still dead.) #4

This one, I’m pretty sure, is a “never”. It just doesn’t make sense for some apps/device types to run on the hub.

(Brian Smith) #5

Yep, @btk is right. Some devices and apps are only cloud-to-cloud due to limitations with the other system, not ST. Examples include Hue, Harmony, etc. And, if you want a push notification or SMS, that requires the cloud as well.

However, devices that already do not require the cloud to work, like switches, motion sensors, water sensors, etc, should eventually all work locally via the “built-in” SmartApps, such as Smart Lighting.

(Larry) #6

I use the linear fs20z relay works fine
I use it to open a garage door it us see to wave delay. I just added a rule to turn in off whenever it sees it on. Thus it operates like a toggle switch.

(Eduardo Veras) #7

I meant more a physical device for the mainstream user :smile:

(Eduardo Veras) #8

Agree, but that should be OUR decision or at least the decision of the developer of the app/device type

(Colin) #9

it should be our decision on what the technology supports??? There are limitations to how the devices communicate. Certainly sounds like you’re not happy with an answer of ‘never’, but you asked for it.

(Ray) #10

@Lgkahn The wink relay is actually a controller. Not an actual relay we normally think.

@sidjohn1 SmartTiles is really awesome and I do use them but getting a nice mount like wink is not so easy. If only we can get SmartTiles on it.

(Eduardo Veras) #11

Exactly my toughs, getting something to look a little decent its not very easy

(Morgan) #12

@Eduardo_Veras You are not going to get answers on these questions or timelines. The best you may get is … “sometime in the future we might”. If they were to answer all of these they start to give a competitive to Wink or others. It is the same reason Apple doesn’t announce a new iPhone or devices until a few weeks before they are going to sell them.

I’m really not sure what you are hoping for? You did research before you bought into the platform right? This HA platform is about openness and being able to use the 3rd party pieces, if you wanted stuff for “the more mainstream user” you should look at Iris, Staples HomeConnect or Wink really.

(Ray) #13

Personally, I don’t think anything is out of line with those questions. He’s not forcing ST on anything. There’s only so much research you can do on a product. Take for example. The reason I got hub 2 is for local processing with schedule for my outside lights. What they didn’t tell you is that there is only one smartapps “smart lights” and not all device type will work with local control. Yeah sure you can return it but it would be nice to know some kind of timeline for local processing with other smartapps and device type. Just so you know I didn’t know about this and still no announcement about this other than on the community. I still think hub 2 has huge potential soon just not today or tomorrow.


Rule builder in the app - We’ve started this with “Smart Lighting” and will publish similar SmartApps in the coming weeks ™ for locks. We’ve completed development and this is being tested internally. This answers #4 also as this includes code management for some locks.

Desktop/web version of the app - No public timeline yet

RTSP support documented and enabled for community developers - No public timeline yet

Full offline operations - I’m not sure what this means - all DTH/SmartApps being eligible for local execution? That probably won’t happen, but the next milestone is us allowing your DTH/SmartApps that are eliglble for local execution to be updated without us sending you a firmware update. That’s the first step in really opening up the gates for the community.

SmartThings relay - edit: I’ll just say then that you can expect some different form factors as far as what’s considered a “hub”.

(Chrisb) #15

[quote=“Tyler, post:14, topic:23245, full:true”]SmartThings relay - Meet our Arduino Shield!. Is there something you’re interested in doing that can’t be accomplished with this device?

Not have to build it myself?? :smile: I think what the OP wants is an plug-n-play physical display… which is I’m guessing falls under the “no public timeline yet.” And maybe even a “no private timeline yet.”

But, thanks for the rest of the info!

(Ray) #16

Thanks for replying @Tyler.

We want a nice cool looking controller and easy to install on a wall not a circuit board. Well… Maybe some people into circuit board on a wall. Sorry for hijacking your post @Eduardo_Veras

(Rob) #17


In this same vein of answering. Can you provide any timelines on:

  1. Ability to add additional users to a hub / location
  2. Contact Book, for sending custom alerting via Smart Home Monitor
  3. Dashboard for Contact Sensors? Door / Window?

Thank you,



Oh I confused myself with the WeMo Maker… oops!

I’ll just say then that you can expect some different form factors as far as what’s considered a “hub”.


I confused myself with the WeMo Maker. You can expect to see different form factors of hubs/controller in the future.

Rob - I don’t have specific dates for these but I know that our team is working on this. Hopefully really soon.

(Rob) #20

Thanks @Tyler for chiming in… I know there’s a lot of frustration out there on some things post-platform / V2 hub launch, and i know support is swamped. It may be good to know what the expected “release” schedule is for these or other things, are you planning on updating mobile software weekly? Monthly? platform weekly, monthly?

I know i tried to ask this question on the last dev call, but what is the expected release schedule for fixes & features? having an idea of it being weekly / monthly / quarterly / never (Just kidding), may set peoples expectations better.