Timed shutdown of switches

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I have a home gym that gets very sweaty. My goal would be the following. Have a button on the wall that when pressed turns on a series of fans, and an exhaust fan. (that I can do)
Next when I end my workout, I would like to have a second button that when pushed starts a timed shutdown, fans turn off in 10 min then exhaust fan turns off in 30 min. Anyone have any ideas on this?
Also if this is easier to voice command I could do that as well. (google assistant)

I’m going to leave this here because it might have some uses for some specific situations, but the method that @prjct92eh2 gives below is much more straightforward so I would recommend using that if you can.

This is easy. :sunglasses:

Create a virtual switch to act as the timer. Use the “power allowance“ option of the official smart lights feature To Always have this virtual switch turn itself off after X minutes.

Set up automations to have the fans follow the virtual switch.

That way you can continue to use any other automation if you like, or manual control, for the fans. But anytime you turn on the virtual switch, it will run for 10 minutes and turn itself off, and then the fans will turn themselves off.

There is a how to article for this in the community – created wiki, although it is using examples from the older classic app. but The same method applies, it’s just the screens will look different.


In your case you actually have a double sequence With your virtual switches so that you can have the two different timers.

  1. turn on virtual switch A By voice.

  2. Virtual switch A runs for 10 minutes, then turns itself off. Using the power allowance feature of Smart lighting

  1. you have an automation which causes the first fans to turn themselves off when virtual switch A turns off.

  2. you have another automation which causes virtual switch B to turn itself on when virtual switch A turns itself off. (In the new V3 app, you may also be able to combine steps three and four in a single scene, I’m not sure)

  3. virtual switch B uses the power allowance feature to turn itself off after 20 minutes.

  4. And You create one more automation so your last fan turns itself off when virtual switch B turns off.

Oh, and if you want to start this with a button on the wall, no problem, just create one more automation so that when you press that button, virtual switch A turns on. :sunglasses:

I think @JDRoberts method will work, but it’s more complicated. You just need a SmartThings button. In the new app, you assign actions to the types of button presses. So a single press can turn everything on. Double press or held can turn things off with a delay, like so:

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Cool, I didn’t know you could do two different delays in one automation. :sunglasses:

So you wouldn’t need my method unless you were going to have more delays then your device has tap patterns.

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Thanks to both of you! These should do exactly what I need!
@prjct92eh2 are the tap patterns on the buttons well defined? My wife will also be using the gym, and she has a low tolerance for “smart” stuff. So if she does not hold long enough or too long and something does not happen right… then I hear about it.

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I think they are, but maybe I should ask my wife :laughing:

You could always make two regular automations out of it for a single button press to make it easier.

  1. IF button press and Light1 off and Light 2 off, THEN Turn on Light 1 and Light2
  2. IF button press and Light1 on and Light 2 on, THEN Turn off Light1 delay 10 min and Turn off Light 2 delay 30 mins

If you’re using an ST button, I’d suggest NOT using the double-press feature. This wife (and her husband) found it to be very frustrating at times, especially when our internet was having a bad day. Single press to turn on and Held to turn off work great for both of us.

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