Timed routines not working

I am running the Smart Hub 2 with the Philips Hue Bulbs along with the iPhone SmartThings App and I have routines setup to bring the lights on at 430pm and off at 1130pm. When I first purchased everything and set this up it all worked fine then after a week or two it stopped working (the lights no longer come on or go off automatically)

All firmwares on all devices are the current versions.

I have deleted everything and set everything up again with no improvement.

If I manually click the routine on the iPhone the lights come on, but not automatically based on the time I have entered.

Has anyone else seen this issue or have worthwhile suggestions to try and solve the problem.

Try moving the schedules away from the exact top or bottom of the hour. Make it :26 or :33. You may be running into the load spikes that happen around popular times.

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And when everybody starts using the offset by a few minutes, then set it back to 00, 15, 30… :wink:

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This won’t happen, because only a small minority of users will read here to change the times, leaving the masses stuck on 6:00PM.


I’m having same issues, but my routines with lights are sunset and sunrise. I’ve deleted then reinstalled them multiple times, but still nothing. My routines dealing with mode changes stopped for awhile, but are working fine.

I can run then manually, but that defeats the purpose.

I did this from the very beginning. for fear of my own devices cannibalizing each other. Rogue Zombie Belkin switches devouring innocent motion detectors.