Time2 Lights compatible with ST?

Hi all,

My first topic here! I’ve seen these cheap cool looking lights on Amazon,

a very good price point and a fairly ok review here

The fact they are WiFi rather than BT suggests hackable, WDYT?


Did anyone get back to you on this yet, or did you order these?

No sadly not.

However I have thought of an alternative method.
I have just had a BroadLink RM Pro delivered (quite literally) and this should work with these lights.

Coupled with the device handler for BroadLink here

I little long winded way of doing it, and I know it would work via just the App, but I want Alexa involved in this too.

So like this.
Lights to --> RM Tasker --> Alexa --> Broadlink --> Control lights
Pretty sure it’ll work as both the BroadLink and Time2 lights but just in case I fired them a mail to check that they are RF 433.92MHz or 315MHz as the BroadLink supports both. I’m hoping all will work, as I just found compatible lights on eBay at a ridiculously low price :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention, that along with the device handler, my main objective would be to have them controled and operable in ST SmartApps :+1: