Time Restrictions

Cascading Nightlight - A case study in the use of latching and time restrictions

This example will demonstrate the use of per-action time restrictions, or range, to limit the time an action may fire. It will use the Latching method of logic.

Scene: When moving from bedroom to bathroom, light my way. When feet hit the ground in the bedroom, start a timer for 15 seconds (time to walk from bedroom to bathroom) and turn on light. If I did not trigger the bathroom sensor, light will turn off. If however the bathroom is triggered, turn on light and keep on for 60 seconds.

As this is a continuous loop, as I move from bathroom back to bedroom, the bedroom motion sensor will fire again and light will remain on for 15 seconds and then turn off.

Minimum 2 Motion Sensors
1 Bulb

Once you have entered in the first THEN statement the last Set level to turn off your light, you will scroll down to set when this action will fire:

You will do this for both THEN statements.

That is all there is too it.

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