Time on/off fields blank in STSC, but display OK in Classic

I bought a new ST smart power outlet a couple of days ago and set 3 simple automations in Classic using the Smart Lighting app (an on time and an off time for each automation).

All timers perform correctly.

However, in STSC two of the automations display correctly (when viewed in Smart Lighting), but one doesn’t display the times; the fields are blank.

I tried editing, deleting and recreating in STSC, but the time on and off fields just will not populate.

Any suggestions?

Smart Lighting doesn’t exist in the New App. You have to create an Automation. Classic apps show up in classic and new apps show up in STSC.

This isn’t true at all. They are listed in the Smart Apps menu.

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I do not believe that is the same app though.

Smart Lighting is in both apps and Smart Lighting rules created in one app show in the other.

Now SHM in the Classic and STHM in the new app are completely separate apps. The status in one is not reflected in the other.

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Yeah… I just tried and I’m able to edit one created in Classic in STSC, no problem. Change is reflected correctly in both. You might try removing that smartlights autoamtion and rebuilding it.

can you post a screenshot?

Thanks guys for the replies. Yes, I’m running Smart Lighting in STSC.

Screenshots attached from both Classic and STSC

The time fields do not populate in STSC (but only in this automation; I have 2 other automations (on/off timers) for the same device which have populated).

Despite not showing in STSC, the timer fires correctly.

Weird or what?!!