Time of day triggers

Please help. I have MANY devices and have been running them for almost two years. A lot of them are not smartthings “approved”, but have been working great. Right now I have two of the Aeotec heavy duty smart switches that run a pool pump and waterfall. We operate vacation rental homes and heavily rely on remote capabilities to both monitor and operate devices.
Last week I installed the smart app called “thermostat mode director”. It was hideous. Almost immediately I noticed strange things happening and lost several devices on the screen. I immediately deleted the app but now, these two switches will NOT trigger on “time of day” settings and will not turn on or off pushing the tile.
Sometimes they turn on at the correct time but usually not off at the right time.

The only other time I have seen this is when I installed a zwave door lock and used a device handler to change door codes via smart phone. I have not changed any device handlers on the switches but pretty much have no control over them. To get them to shut off, (or turn on!!), I have to enter strange times ie: 2:18 pm etc