Time of Day automations with ST Camera Person Detection not firing

Hi Everyone:

I have a SmartThings Indoor IP Camera, and water to try setting up an automation with it. In particular, I’ve setup a time-of-day automation between 0600 and 1000, set to fire one time only, connected to the SmartThings Camera’s person detection, which is supposed to turn on a set of lights as the action. Likewise, I have a second that is set to function between 0100 and 0600 that turns on a single light in the kitchen for 10 minutes if a person is detected.

Setting up the automations was fine, but they’re not firing when a person is present during the specified times. I can see that the camera is detecting that a person is present, but nothing is happening. I’ve verified in the IDE that my hub’s timezone is correct (and other time-based routines are working just fine – just not ones based on the camera person detection).

Is this a known bug/limitation, or is there some trick to getting the camera’s person detection to trigger automations? TIA!

EDIT: As a test, I’ve setup a new automation just to verify that the Person Detection from the ST Camera is throwing events (the automation is simply “if person detected, send notification”), and that also isn’t working. I can see from the IDE the event gets triggered, but the automation never does. So “time of day” seems to be the least of my issues :unamused:

time of day automations are apparently completely broken. I have another thread discussing this and that’s the conclusion that’s been reached. It is garbage.

See my edit. It seems having the camera person detection trigger an automation doesn’t work on its own either.