Time length of an automation?

Couldn’t find teh answer in “Search” here.
I want to create an automation turning on a device for, say, 10 minutes. I can turn devices on, but can find no way to set the length it stays on. Am I missing it or does this capability not exist.
Apple and android p[hones. Both old and new ST apps on both phones.

If you are using custom automations in the new app, when you select the device in the Then section, there is the auto turn off at the bottom And you can set the time

There is also smart lighting


Nope. On that page, my only choices are ON/OFF.

Screenshots of your automation?

Stand by. Now that I know some options are missing from that page, I’m going to try the tried and true reinstall.

Reinstall of the new ST app didn’t work. Uninstalled old AND new app and reinstalled both. My ‘Auto turn off’ now appears. Having to rebuild Automations, but I didn’t have many. Thanks for the help/

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