Time condition for Smart Lighting app

Is there a reason why the Smart Lighting app has no ability to specify a time condition? I see this is possible in the Automations section but then I have to add a one second delay to motion based triggers.



what if you click on “More options” at the bottom of that screen? Choose Starting at a specific time, set the time below that selection… then the same for ending at a specific time.

yes… what @JDRoberts says below :slight_smile:

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It’s there, it’s just that in smart lighting first you specify the “that“ and then you specify the “if.“ But “specific time“ is one of the options for triggers.

I don’t have that option. If I select more options the only time related option I have is certain days of the week. And I can only select one trigger. If I select a motion sensor as my trigger and then go back and select at a specific time I lose the motion trigger.

Never mind I got it now. After seeing if I could have more than one trigger it saved my changes even though I hit cancel and discard. Once I selected my motion sensor as the trigger again the more options selections changed and I was able to set sunset/rise ranges.

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