Time-Based garage door closing?

After reading numerous threads about garage door automation, it is still a little unclear to me if the following can currently be done:

If the garage door has been left open for X number of minutes, have it close automatically.

I understand the need for a device to determine if the door is open, and the need for a relay to make the door close (or open).
I see that there are ways to combine the functions of both into one item on the things list.

It sounds as though maybe you used to be able to do time based garage door closing, but not currently?

Yesterday I installed an ecolink door/window switch to a garage door, and so far it looks like it works well. I am expecting to get a relay to complete the automation.
I’m using the ios ST app, and a ST V2 hub

Can anyone tell me if the time based approach is currently possible?


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myq opener, problem solved… good thing there’s no downvote or my post would’ve been downvoted so quick… lol


Thanks for your reply.

  1. This looks like it has a bit of a learning curve, even with some programming in my past.
  2. I’m not certain this will do what I am looking for. I see things can be done at certain times, or within a range of time, but not if the state of a device remains unchanged for X amount of time.
    I found this comment from the programmer:
    “Rule Machine doesn’t have a way of handling timed events. Those have to be done in Smart Lighting or some such app. It can restrict the truth of the rule to a time period, but can’t do anything based on the passage of time, or a timer.”

Maybe I’ll look at this again when I have more time.

A word of warning… this would require a scheduled item to close your garage door, and schedules in SmartThings have been borked for many, many moons.

IOW, don’t count on it working all of the time!

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Just an update here.

I have been able to use Rule Machine successfully to automate the garage door.

A rule to have the door close on its own after it has been open for X minutes works well.

Now if I leave the house, or go to bed at night and forget to close the door, it will close itself.