Time based events failing?

Sorry I did not notice that, I tweeted him too let’s hope more users do.

Just wanted to add an update here. For the past two days timed events have all been firing as they should. Anyone else see the improvement? Or is this another case of one group of users it works fine and the other group it isn’t and come next week it will flip flop to someone else?

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The past two or three weeks were particularly bad in terms of scheduling, but it wasn’t the first time the platform had that sort of persistent glitch … and even a glitch that some users didn’t experience as severely as others.

So that makes many of us rather cautious to believe there’s been a permanent fix (or a fix that didn’t “break something else”).

My feeling is that even if the fix is temporary, it is worth appreciating, as long as the regression impact is minimal.

At the same time, unfortunately, it is inevitable for “temporary fixes” that folks get even more frustrated when the same problem recurs. So I find it helpful to not be too optimistic until some time has passed and/or there’s evidence of steady forward progress (not 2 steps forward, n steps back).

Don’t Jinx it! LOL I have learned not to get too excited about things working as already stated as it’s usually very temporary, but yes… I’m all about giving credit where credit is due. Unfortunately lately there has been way more time spent frustrated that things aren’t working right than things actually working the way they are supposed to. Hopefully it “stick” for a while or forever… wouldn’t that be nice.

Nope… mine arent firing yet…

When my alarm goes off I have to tell Alexa to execute routines so my lights come on

Same here. I was having issues with timed events for the last weeks but since yesterday everything is running smoothly :wink:

It has failed twice this week for me. Their online update feature is a joke. Where is the update all?

Just make sure you don’t use ST timer for those!

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My timed events have been running super smooth ever since tomorrow.


But seriously folks… I’m collecting stuck apps. I’ve got a “vintage” one that’s been stuck since November!

On a more positive note, I just noticed an “Update” button in the installed smart apps list in the web interface, to help you free those stuck apps daily. Now I just need to make a program to go press all of those update buttons every day on some kind of schedule. Anyone know of a company that can write code that could do that?

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Have you seen what @ahawkinson retweeted:
Benedict Evans ‏@BenedictEvans Feb 19


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I feel like Alex and I have very different definitions of the word “exciting”.


Rule Machine can do this for its own Rules. It has an action to Update a rule.


I set up a rule to do this with all of my rules. It seemed that it was triggering rules to occur.

Should it be doing this? Or could it just be with the way I have some rules programmed?

Whenever you update a rule, the rule is evaluated. This is true whether updated by Rule Machine, in the IDE, or by hitting Done in the rule.

This does not happen with triggers, conditional triggers, or actions.

Ok, do I should only use this for everything except rules, unless I’m ok with the house doing things…
Oh wait, this is ST… It adjust does that!

There’s a good reason why the rule is evaluated upon update: Suppose you edit a rule, and change it somehow. When you hit Done, it’s effectively got new conditions and rule, so it evaluates the rule to establish the initial rule truth state. That is the same code called no matter how the rule is updated, and there is no discernment available as to why it was updated.

Think of Update Rules, and the Update link in the IDE as being the exact same thing as hitting Done in a rule.


Which explains why when I had the update rule set to do its thing at 3 am strange things were happening. Lol


I’m just about convinced the hub is still a prototype by design. How can a company put a product on the market that is claiming to perform home automation when you end up waking up to cold house during the winter. I love the concept, but it’s beyond frustrating to try and understand why this happens. I see everybody else is having similar issues with minimal support though so I’m glad I’m not alone. But somebody answer me this, is there any hope for this project?


Hi, Time based event its a common problem, SmartThings its a beta system, no for production, that is crystal clear, but we have it right now, I think the way to still use ST is not depend on it, To the smartapps that uses a timer I have added a Timer Check (Watchdog timer) and make the things to work with the problem, of course take more resources from ST platform, but its necessary to maintain my system working until ST have a real fix to the problem. If we going to still work with ST must to live with failing timers. I use a power meter who reports every minute the power, this event works to check the timers in the smartapp, in this way I have a 1 minute error system,