Time based events failing?

I’ve had one fail and the rest worked. Though I noticed I’ve some bulbs not showing the proper status in the app as well…

There’s an update? To the app? ? ? Wool it stop crashing? ? ? Dear god please say yes!


Sorry guys, just now understanding the full breadth of this.

Temporary solution:
Reset the Smartapp (e.g. change the time from 8:00 a.m. to 8:01 a.m., save, change it back, save again)

What about the routines based issues?

Same issue, all the same scheduler.

That didn’t work…

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Sunset Routine is coming up in about 2 hours for me. Will report back in this thread on status at that time. Current Version of App -Hub Version 2

Not the phone, some Android users also reporting the problem.

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Tim, that doesn’t work. That’s what I was using to test.


I am seeing similar issues … My sunset routine did not execute. We are so used to it now… We were sitting in dark for a while and then realized it did not kick in… :smile: Ran it manually… Hope it gets fixed soon.

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Mine was a timed event at 6pm EST to turn on interior lights through the Smart Lights app. I am using an Android and v2 hub.

I am running Android and have the same problem. , that’s why I said he’ll experience the same issue.

The flutter of reports here are helpful to keep us Community-connected folks from having to debug our own schedule based automations…

But the real timing issue: How long will it take SmartThings to update http://status.smartthings.com/ …?


Please keep it coming, guys but please with no criticism or negativity. This is just to assist ST to figure out what’s going on.

I’ve finally seen two time based events firing in the last 5 minutes (runIn); there is hope they fixed the underlying problem.


The fish hopes so, too. :sunglasses:


My sunset -30min failed tonight.
Smart Lighting fails to turn light off after specified time.
Pollster not working.

What good is this system if it can’t be relied on. It’s not a positive or a negative issue for me but this system should be bulletproof and it’s not. I’ve had events that have not been triggering for 2 days.


Yeah… So is it sad that I’m so used to my lights coming on at dark in the bedroom, that I went in there a minute ago and couldn’t remember how to turn on the two lamps… Also note that the lights are not only remote controlled, automated, but I have echo in there too…

I think I have an HA problem

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My sunset events, routines and lighting, failed to execute this evening.

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It all comes down to whether it’s more trouble than it’s worth. And that depends on exactly what you use it for.

About five months ago I took anything off of it that I didn’t have an immediate plan B 4 when it failed.

But it gives me handsfree voice control of my television, and nothing else does that wouldn’t cost several thousand dollars more. (I’m quadriparetic, in a wheelchair, with limited hand control, so every convenience case has a big impact on my life.)

So I keep it, I use it, I really like it when it works, I curse it when it doesn’t. I don’t put anything on it that I need more than about 80% reliability four and then I can’t immediately replace with an alternative plan B. (I don’t run my home security on SmartThings, I have a separate very reliable system for that.)

I definitely feel I’ve got my money’s worth out of it, and I continue to use it. But everybody’s use case is different, and there’s no one right answer.

I have a specific need for voice control that none of the competing systems in the same price range to meet at this time. (echo is great for voice control of lights, but not the TV yet unless you add SmartThings into the mix.)

My personal feeling (and this is just a guess) is that by the summer of 2016 there will be several mostly plug-and-play systems that offer the features I want in the price range I want. But I can’t guess what those will be right now. I’m planning to start my Phase 2 assessment in May.

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