Time and Event triggers

My partner and I have a constant debate about the triggering of heating

I have a strong preference to heat the house only when I am going to be at home (nb this is very different to when I am at home as the heating process is not instantaneous). My partner thinks that smart homes are a beta solution to a real problem and the only reliable solution is to assume that Ill be home each evening and turn the heating on from 1700 until bedtime meaning that the house is warm upon arrival at 1800’ish (naturally different rooms have different requirements)

My gripe is that, this means that absent manual intervention the system will heat the house if we are away for a wekk/weekend etc or detained at work etc and these events happen two or three times a week

In the absence of a push check box request each time I leave the house (Do you want the heating on tonight Y/N), the best surrogate that I can think of is to assume that if I have been at the house in the morning, I’ll be returning that evening (not perfect but better than nothing)

Unfortunately, I cant find a way to trigger such an IF.
-The time parameters all look forward - how many minutes of stillness/activity since …
-The mode and security parameters are binary (on/off) and dont seem capable of being linked to time

Grateful for advice from anyone who has struggled successfully with the same issue

I use presence sensors for this. I have a rule set up in SharpTools that mimics thermostat changes during the day, but doesn’t make a change if someone is not home. When someone arrives, the thermostat is adjusted. We check presence by linking Life360 to SmartThings. I think it’s better to leave some heat on, even low, because I think it might take more power to heat it up again when it’s really cold rather than maintaining a consistent temp. I think there are two schools of thought on this and I’m not sure which is correct.


I use SmartThings ‘Linked Places’ to accomplish this. Besides the Home location radius that’s very close to the home which enables/disables STHM, I setup a second linked place location radius (SmartThings allows up to three) using the same home location which I simply called Home Zone, but I set the radius to a much larger radius area of about 6km (SmartThings allows up to 30km). I then created an Automation that when anyone enters the larger Home Zone linked place, to turn on the Thermostat.


Brilliant- thank you