Tile Action with parameters/values

I know this has been answered before but i am wondering if it has changed since the last time,
is there a way to pass a command+parameter from within a tile action?

standardTile(“test”, “device.switch”, inactiveLabel: false, height: 1, width: 1, decoration: “flat”) {
state “default”, label:“test”, action:“TEST.TEST2”, icon:""

i know you can with capabilities but can you with commands? or is there a capability that accepts a string that you could use to workaround the issue?

The reason i ask im trying to make this easier to read and faster https://gist.github.com/Webstas/6a3ef2584d8a05068036176b94ee31f9

Sorry to resurrect such an old topic… but…

I’ve read a few topics on this subject but not found any updated responses or methods to do this nicely. Does this mean it is still impossible to have a dynamic command definition, and then pass a parameter as part of the tile action? Or has anybody found a way to avoid having func1 func2 func3 func4… func32