Tile Action Smartphone different kind of press and Sub menu

Hi there,

I’m actually coding my first Z-wave Plus device integration and i have to say i love SmartThings.

I looked in the documentation and also in the discussion of the community and i didn’t clearly find the answer of my Two questions.

1- Is it possible on a Tile on my iphone to detect not only a single press (which is at the release in fact) to trig an action but also for a double press or a long press ? (i beleive the answer is no, but i prefer to ask to be 100% sure).

2 - I wish to do a tile for configuration option of my product, so when you click on the tile you have an other sub menu with different tile(s) coming more related to the configuration of the device and no the daily use of it. a bit like on this screenshot the arrow on the right corner of the picture below in front of "Table Lamp Outlet"
Is it possible ?

Thanks for your help

None of the ST client apps support this, you can send support an email for a feature request or you can bring it up on a developer call.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

As i’m new, what do you mean can bring it up on a developer call ? are you talking about one of the event we can find there ? -> http://developer.smartthings.com/developers/participate