Ticket tracking

Hi, When I have logged tickets with Support in the past, I was able to open the mobile app and from the Support menu I could view all my existing tickets and log new ones.

It seems now that this has been removed and I can only email support. This makes it very annoying to keep track of all the tickets that I open.

From speaking to support in the UK about it they had no idea that this functionality even existed and said that either a) it was always unavailable in the UK (which is blatantly wrong) or b) it has been removed in the UK.

What’s the truth here? Is this available to the US, can anyone there let me know?

It certainly was available here and isn’t now.

@alex, @slagle can you answer why it would be taken away for the UK? How are we supposed to track tickets for support now? Just via email?

@aaron is the staff liaison for the UK, he should be able to find out.

This feature isn’t available for anyone (US or UK) at the moment. A update to zendesk made it incompatible with our single-sign-on.

Per Tim, it was both US and UK (this wasnt just a Brexit). The UK team is changing the ticket taking tools, which will make it easier for the agents to track multiple customer requests. We should be fully transitioned in the next few weeks. Hopefully the customer-facing portal will follow behind, but no timelines yet.

Ok, thanks for the information. It’s weird that the UK team don’t seem to be aware of it, I’ve logged two tickets since just by email and asked where the tracking system has gone and both times they haven’t been aware that there ever was a teaching system!

By the way, a bit of customer feedback in case it affects the timelines. It’s very difficult to track the tickets for a customer when you have multiple ones by email compared to the tracking. Hopefully the customer portal follows fairly soon. Or no support tickets are ever required to be logged of course :grinning:

How the sausage is made: it’s because the US and UK teams have been using different tools… except for the poor victims that drew short straws and were taking transfers from customers that accidentally emailed the US team (hence using their tool and seeing their methods). This will become less prominent as we transition tools in the UK.