Thursday's update

I just received an email saying that my hub will receive a FW update on Thursday. However, I have a v1 hub and was under the impression that they will no longer receive any updates. Was this email just send out to everyone or are v1 indeed getting an update?

They are also performing a Cloud Service Upgrade according to the email. So I assume that is the part that will affect you.


It’s a cloud infrastructure update, which likely affects v1 users too…

@nastevens talked about it on this thread.

Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

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Us v1 users are still neglected … But at least from my end, I’ve had no major issues like pretty much everyone else complains about on v2 hubs. I’d still like to have firmware updates to the cree bulbs…so maybe i could pair them back to the ST hub instead of Hue bridge…but alas thats likely never to happen.

Thanks. Reading a little between the lines there it seems as if this indeed is a v2 FW update only, inline with previous statements about v1 being EOL.

Sorry for the confusion @ahndee. The firmware update is indeed for v2 only.