Three Wemo devices not being found

I just installed my new SmartThings hub yesterday and, for the most part, everything is working great. I got my Sonos, Schlage deadbolt, and Hue lights connected. The one thing that simply won’t be detected in Wemo. I have two Wemo light switches and a regular Wemo outlet. The standard Wemo app detects and controls all three without issue but the ST app simply will not detect any of them.

I couldn’t find anything via a search of the community (which rocks, btw!) and am hoping for some pointers. I am using the app on my Android phone (OnePlus One and Android 4.4.2).



Try this…

Open ST
Scroll To Bottom
Click +
Click the Search Icon
Click in typing space
Type in Wemo
Click your device type

Hey Matt,

I should clarify - I have been able to find the Wemo devices to begin pairing - it’s just that every time I try to pair, it never detects the three Wemo devices.