Though off in the app, my bulbs turn on when there's an outage and power's restored

I have a couple of LIFX bulbs around my house. When turned off in the app, they all come on when there’s a power outage and the powers restored. This gives me great concern and this happens a lot when we’re all out of the house and the stay on till we get back. Was wondering if there’s a smart app to remedy this i.e. turn the lights of when they come of after an outage and power restored.

This is a characteristic of most smart bulbs. There’s a smart app that works with zigbee bulbs, but I don’t know if it works with Wi-Fi bulbs. This is a clickable link.

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What app it that and how do I install it. Is it in the marketplace in the ST app

It’s custom code. So you need to follow the procedure in the following FAQ, although it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you’re going to copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. ( again, this is a clickable link)

You could ask any follow-up questions about the smartapp in the author’s thread that I linked to above.

Don’t have the “My Smartapp” in my ST mobile app.

In the mobile app, or the IDE?

In the mobile app.:

  1. Open the mobile app

  2. tap on “marketplace” in the lower right

  3. tap on “smartapps” in the upper right

  4. scroll all the way down, and you should see “my apps” at the bottom

In the IDE

You might not be on the right “shard” for your account.

If you click on “my devices” do you see the devices listed for your account?

Thanks, I guess I needed a little while to update. It’s there now

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Give this a try.