This system is becoming crappy

My integrations are disintegrating. Things were working well for months, then the forced change and now it’s all falling apart. My smart lock has gotten stupid. Sensors flash day and night, and drain batteries. It’s no longer smart. My email seems to have daily notices that ST is malfunctioning.

Samsung, you’ve blown it yet again.


I agree with you, but be careful what you say or they will ban you for sometime as they did me, now we cannot add new topics. Seems they are doing their own version of ‘Cleansing’ in this group to hide the truth of all the problems. Like devices not responding and having no way to replace them, only to delete them and have hell with all the settings you then lose. Know a group of C.A. lawyers are in this forum now investigating what they are doing, like disabling keypads so ones are forced to buy the ADT version of Smartthings.