This ST thing is becoming a problem

3rd box in the past week of goodies. GF going to kill me! So far she’s indulged my new obsession but I think this might actually put her over the top… I keep telling her I’m not nearly as bad as it could be. :slight_smile:

Still need to dive into Action Tiles and also try to get some of my older Vimtag cams to integrate somehow.


That looks like a fun box. Join the club! I think i have a problem as well, but i like to call it a hobby. If the wifes life is easier as a result…then its a bonus and i get to buy more!


Welcom to the ST Annonimous meeting @redfox219. I am @lmosenko and I have been a ST hobbyist since KickStarter.

Tell us your storry.


You are not alone… :wink:


Help her understand that this benefits her…For example, no one ever has to hit the light when entering the closet :slight_smile: The other thing you can do is bribe her…you get your ‘hobby’ and she gets to buy something she wants.


And I thought I was bad!


My first switches were:

Outdoor Yard Light-Comes on Dusk to Dawn. This is located in the spot she parks in so her path is lighted
Front Porch and Garage Lights-Comes on when someone arrives. The porch light is already on when she pulls into driveway.
Front Door Lock-Unlocks when someones arrives…
Shoe Closet Switch-Comes on when door is open. Goes off when door is closed.

WAF 100%

All other 200 or so were not hard sells after these! Well…Maybe the fireplace was overkill!


@jfattizzi Has been so far! And yes, this project turned very rapidly into a hobby. She’s good with most of it and I have a feeling as she lays in bed tonight and the light auto-magically turns off and the fan turns on…she’ll have a new appreciation. Or, maybe that is me because I’m usually the one turning everything off.

@lmosenko Haha…thanks for the welcome. Been a hobbyist for about 3 weeks now and see myself continuing.

As for a story well, I guess mine is the same as most. I wanted to be able to monitor my home and automate some everyday functions to make our lives a little easier. The biggest concern I had was keeping an eye on our blended family. Together we have 4 children, two of which with special needs. So between the Blink cameras, door contacts, door locks, and everything else I’ve been attempting to do I’ve gained a little piece of mind knowing everyone is safe inside.

@JDRoberts I know and I have enjoyed reading quite a few threads/posts from members. Going to have to give the link you posted a good look tonight. I’ve gained quite a bit of knowledge since my start, but have such a long way to go! Never been much into coding but I am looking forward to testing out the waters.

@MichaelS Please, if anything she should be bribing me! Lol We take good care of each other and ultimately she understands my obsession with tech.

@949BFN I’m a firm believer that if it makes you happy it can’t all be bad. Shame my pockets aren’t deeper…

@rontalley I started out with the porch light and garage sconces on presence and when unlocking the door to take the dogs out. Schlage Connect with everyone’s codes and our two iPhones as presence sensors. Added a keypad in the garage (even though not needed), and motion in garage for alert while I have it open. Now every room with exception of the utility closet, garage lights, master closet/bath, downstairs bath and back porch are all automated. After I finish them I want to start adding more motion sensors/timers for the lighting. Oh and more video around the property.


Hmmm…I sense a few 4th of July sales coming :grin:


Thanks for making ActionTiles a part of your smart home obsession! :heart_eyes:


LOL One of my best WAF bonus adds was the kitchen lighting. Having multiple switches for cabinet lighting all come on from the one main kitchen light switch was great but the one that really pleased her was the LED lighting in her food pantry that comes on when she opens the door.


Quick question and I’ve been searching but all the pages/posts are starting to blur together!

I’m normally up well before she leaves for work and disarm SHM by the app manually. However, this morning the alarm went off because I wasn’t. So, is there a way to have the Schlage connect disarm SHM when the door is unlocked by the thumb turn? I have Rboy’s DH/SA but did not see that option. Should I be looking into Core for this?


webCoRE example. Suit to your needs.


Lowes motions and contacts dirt cheap! I grabbed 9 motions at $11 each and 6 contacts at $9 each yesterday. Deals like this don’t come around too often.


Edit: Got it working!

This is exactly what I want! Now to figure out core…lol I swear I’ve read and read and read but just not grasping the concept. I start using it then get lost so quickly. As they say though, if at first you don’t succeed…

Yeah, all total I picked up 6 contacts and 6 motion sensors yesterday myself! Couldn’t pass it up either.

Hi @rontalley,

If you don’t mind the wait and the manual install of devices, than you should look up the Xiaomi device thread by @a4refillpad . These devices are smaller, have fraction of the cost os others on the market and just look coller.
They are shipped from China direct warehouse and for the price, your segnificant other will not even flinch.

You can buy them from here or other sites like it:

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Ordered some buttons and I can’t get them to stay connected. I have 4 buttons stuck on the wall and 4 in the box that are useless. Was going to look at the Motions but considering the above, I just went with Iris and Ecolinks.

Are you talking about Xiaomi products? I have all of mine working.
2 x tempreture/humidity sensors.
2 x motion sensors.
3 x buttons.
2 x contact sensors.
Non have fallen off or stopped working. The only problem is battery reporting. But not a big concern if you actively using them and will know right away if they stop reporting.


Yep. Picked up some buttons and they worked good for the first couple of hours then I had to reset them then 1 went out then the other…then mysteriously came back to life. I just checked the events and I am sure no one is pushing the front door one but the log is filled with events. However, when I go to click it, nothing shows up on my phone…Hmmm…Maybe we have a Ghost!!!

I just left them on the wall so the paint would not peel off. I read it was something about the zigbee jumps. Something about having to many Iris Buttons and Contacts for these to work correctly…

I suggest you take the button troubleshooting conversation to the Xiaomi thread. But my understanding is that the issue is that these devices are somewhat idiosyncratic as they are not actually certified for ZHA. It’s not the other battery powered devices that you have that would cause problems, but they are inconsistent as far as which repeaters (mains powered Zigbeee devices) they work well with.