This platform is massively and seriously broken (October 2018)


I’ve commented elsewhere on my issues with Simple Control. Nearly everything they do is baffling to me. Every damn year they seem to reorganize the product, making it no better, just confusingly different. Couple this with their penchant for renaming things, and offering 5 different “versions” that offer minute feature differences and it’s absolutely exhausting as a user.

Worst case of corporate ADHD I’ve ever seen. I’ve started to realize in the last decade or so that being able to code and being able to engineer a viable product are two disparate skill sets.

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #22

Not to dismiss your reply… but have you tried this in the UK ?

Of course I didn’t expect you c/would have but unfortunately it doesn’t quite work like it does for you over there.
Your comment later about reaching ‘super competent people’ just makes me feel that the UK and International markets are just superficial annoyances nee tickboxes to Samsung currently.

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We do read the forum but like others have said, we don’t use the community to provide customer support. Customer support has its own dedicated channels wherein they can track and monitor the incidences of any given issue. Trying to track issues and what the actual impact across all of our customers would be impossible using a forum.


Welp, as the thread starter I thought I’d post on my progress.

I got the very last of my 130 devices moved over to HE today.

Ok well, that’s not quite true. I have a leak sensor that was on the floor near the washer in the laundry room but the girl who cleans up swept it up and “put it somewhere”. Its still connected to ST until I can find it. Everything else with a radio is moved.

I’m not going to claim that the process of moving to webcore on HE was painless, there were a couple of times that I locked the hub up and had to reboot without the radio stick just so I could get in and disable all of my errant pistons, but its done. It does work, and it is better.

The vast majority of devices joined up to HE without issue. HE really shines at this. Searching for missing DHs for your devices is largely a thing of the past. Nearly everything I had, save for 2-3 devices, worked OOB with the “generic” HE handlers, and those 2-3 devices all had custom DHs available. Where I did have issues, it was largely due to z-wave exclusion problems. Once I realised that the easiest way to exclude a z-wave device from ST is with a z-stick, everything went much more smoothly. I also had a bit of an issue with a couple of devices that didn’t like my zigbee channel being over 21. I reset the channel to 15 and those devices joined up fine. Some of my other zigbee devices broke at this point but found the new channel within a few hours and fixed themselves.

As for the webcore editor itself, I’m running it from a docker container off a mac mini in the basement, so I have no cloud reliance at all. Works great and is far snappier than the cloud. As for execution, I had a couple of problems with the timing of global var updates between pistons. I solved these for now with the not very elegant solution of firing var updates more than once, and pauses, but it all works. I seem to recall seeing some similar timing issues with global vars on ST. There are certainly things that can be done to make for a more elegant webcore experience on HE, but I’m running just over 50 pistons and they’re all working fine.

I’m trying to think of any other problems I had and not coming up with much. It’s possible that there is an issue with webcore after adding new zigbee devices. I’m not certain about this. I’ve seen some slowness after adding new devices. I’ve taken to ticking the disable all pistons switch and reboot the hub after adding devices, then re-enabling. It’s stable after that but I don’t know if this is really necessary or is just voodoo.

Everything is faster, though not wildly so. Mostly it’s just more stable. I hadn’t realized how many events ST was dropping or firing late until now, I just thought my webcore programming was to blame. I’d gotten used to things being oddly broken- that one light stuck on, that other light coming on 20 seconds late. That stuff is all just gone. My stuff works as I designed it to.