This could have been ST app, if Spruce was available

App saved house by using remote irrigation system. This could have been ST if @natec007’s Spruce was readily available.

He was able to see the flames approaching using his home security cameras and, despite tweeting that he felt “helpless to act,” he was able to activate his irrigation sprinklers using a smartphone app. While his crops were destroyed, the farmhouse and his animals escaped harm, something Maddocks attributes to both his remote controlled sprinklers and the swift action of his neighbours.

You can do it with the IFTTT integration. :wink:

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I know, but you could do it if ST integrates Rachio…

You can also do this with Spruce It works quite well and is built on using Smartthings.


Thanks for sharing. This looks interesting. Had no idea is coming out…

I bought one through the kickstarter campaign. I received one of the first early shipments a couple of months ago and had some issues but their tech support was great and they got everything worked out. I would recommend it. Of course now the season is over so I can’t wait for next season to really see how well it works in the long run.

The app is nice and even lets you shut off watering is a sensor triggers say the wife walks out the door. Really nice feature.

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Spruce looks cool and love the fact they have integration with ST and have support for Moisture Sensors, I would be hesitant buying anything dependent on Smartthings due to stability issues, as well as what if you decide one day you want to ditch ST and try another platform?

I second this. I have Spruce in my house and it works great. @natec007 can give you more information if you are interested.

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Was just about to get Rachio, because I am not happy with RainMachine…but Spruce looks cool…@ashutosh1982. Check the initial post again…

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Spruce is going through certification now:)


Does it still have 3D printer made enclosures for the sensors :smile:

I went from RainMachine to Rachio and couldn’t be happier. While the actual Rain Machine hardware is way cooler, I realized I never used it and it was hidden in my garage. That is where the advantages ended as I had constant wifi disconnects. Rachio is extremely reliable and has a great mobile app along with ITFFF integration.