Third Reality Smart Button long press not triggering events (Oct 2023)

So I can’t seem to figure this out. I have a four pack of THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Button Amazon link Here

I have them paired with a SmartThings hub and set them up to work with some smart outlet switches (all of which work with google voice assistant). I put two in a living room and two in a bed room. They all have the same three functions : Single press - turn on lights in the room the switch is in; Double press - turn off all the lights in the room where the switch is; Press-and-hold - turn off all lights in the apartment.

I got it to work on day one but I’m approaching day 20 and specifically the “press and hold” function on all of my switches have stopped turning off all the lights. SmartThings app does register the press and hold, and pressing the “Test routine actions” in the SmartThings app does successfully turn off all the lights in my apartment.

I have tried switching the action of the press and hold to activate only one light, and the press and hold function does not trigger the outlet, but once again the app see that I am pressing and holding.

Not sure what else to do with troubleshooting, or if it’s a bad switch or a bug in the app

I just did a quick search in the forums and didn’t find it, but but I know somebody else had a problem with a long hold. Turned out it was something about being in demo mode or echo mode or something like that. There was a combo of buttons to make it flip back into regular mode. I’ll try and find it tomorrow if nobody else identities first.

EDIT: Found it. Go me! Not positive it’s identical, but sounds a lot like it.

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When you say “Echo”, you mean using an Amazon device, yes? I can give it a try but I have no Amazon devices, I just get my device from Amazon. The hub I’m using is " Aeotec Smart Home Hub"

Yes, Amazon Echo, but I’m not suggesting pair it to an echo, it is a compatibility mode of the button to work with an echo. Take a look at the link I sent, there is a button combination to put it back into regular mode. They said a telling sign was a pattern of flashing lights on the device.

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Are you using the “Zigbee Button CS” driver from the “CStup Edge Drivers” channel? If no, go here for detailed instructions and links for downloading the driver to your hub. Once downloaded, open your ST app. open the button, tap on the three dots in the upper right of your app, tap on “Driver”, tap on “Select a different driver”, then select the “Zigbee Button CS” driver from the “CStup Edge Drivers” channel.


I just got word that Third Reality published an updated driver. Click on this Third Reality Driver Channel invitation link and download the driver titled “Zigbee Button”. Let me know if this helps. ~Bud