Third reality motion sensor for Echo flex

I recently purchased the thrid reality motion sensor for the new echo flex and so far I have liked it. Very responsive and routines and automations work well through the alexa app. However I like all my automations going though smartthings. Is there a way to integrate this motion sensor through smartthings?

“Made for Amazon” THIRDREALITY Motion Sensor for Echo Flex

Unfortunately, no. :disappointed_relieved: that device only reports to the flex itself, so the only way to access it is via an Alexa routine.

What you can do is create a virtual device which is both a sensor and a switch. Then have your echo routine turn on the virtual device when the flex sensor detects motion. You can then write smartthings automations triggering off of the virtual sensor, so that your virtual sensor becomes a proxy for the flex. But you can’t do anything with it directly.

Thank you JD for the quick reply. I appreciate that. I will try to create a virtual device to see how it works. I am however concerned that the automation won’t work as quick since everything now will have to go through ifttt. Currently everything works really quickly through the alexa app. I am just being picky since 95% of my automations are in webcore.

It won’t go through IFTTT. Just Alexa. But, yes, there may be some additional lag, you will just have to try and see

Read the FAQ, it has a link to the code that you will need for the virtual device. The FAQ is for doing something the other way around, using a SmartThings event as a trigger for an Alexa routine. You’re trying to use an Alexa event as a trigger for a smartthings automation. But you’ll use the same kind of virtual device as the go-between. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

I just use a regular virtual switch (created from virtual device creator) and setup two routines in Alexa to turn it on and off when motion or no motion is detected.

It doesn’t appear as motion device in SmartThings, of course (use the custom device in the post @JDRoberts linked if you need that), but works for my needs.

Yeah, the only real reason to have it also appear as a sensor is if you want to include it in smartthings home monitor alerts. :sunglasses: