Thinking of converting from Vera to Smart things; DSC Integration question


My Vera has not been working well lately with geo location and auto arm/disarming my DSC Alarm. I’m currently using an EVL-3 for the interface.

Is there a good option with Smart things to have it integrate with some alarm so that it uses geo location and when I leave home it will arm, and when I return home it will auto disarm my system? I am willing to change out my alarm panel if needed, I’d prefer not to rewire the main control board, but looking for something that works reliably.

I have searched the forums for DSC integration and read about raspberry pi interfaces between EVL-3 and smart things, but I don’t like having a bunch of hops for something that should be fairly simple. I’d prefer to just replace my alarm panel with another if need be. I see DSC makes a zwave panel now but don’t know if that integrates with smart things?

Thanks for your advice/recommendations.