Thinking about deadbolt - what about weather stripping?

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I’m thinking about getting my first zwave deadbolt, but I already have a concern. All of my doors require me to “push in” on them slightly before the bolt itself will slide into the catch plate/hole. How do you all solve that issue? I certainly can’t be the only one with doors that require this. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, that method won’t work with an automatic bolt. The bolt has to slide freely without you touching the door. The usual recommendation from the lock manufacturers is that you hollow out the section into which the bolt slides, but “moves freely” is the first requirement. Otherwise the lock thinks that it is jammed and it will withdraw again.

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Ah, thanks. I’ll think about it!

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I had the same issue. I found that I was able to remove the catch plate, fill the holes with glue and wood (I used bamboo skewers, but toothpicks would work fine as well), and re-set the screws another 1/16 inch toward the inside of the house. It was a 5 minute fix, and allowed the deadbolt to slide freely. I discovered that the screws holding the catch plate were only like 3/4 inch llong, so I am definitely planning to replace those with longer ones next time I go to the hardware store.

I still need to buy a smart lock. Probably in September…


You may need to set them back when the winter comes. I noticed that my doors latch fine in the cooler seasons, but they need a push in the summer. I only observed this, because I have smart locks. And even more, one of them doesn’t even throw the jammed error, it keeps trying to lock and lock and lock. Luckily I work from home and heard it, so had to undo my auto lock until I have time to play with the doors…

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I had to dremel mine a little bit :slight_smile:

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I can’t do without my smart lock. I burned out the motor of the August after 1 year. I’ve had the Weiser Smart Code 10 for 1.5 years. It has a tapered deadbolt to help avoid lock jams. But it wasn’t enough. I thought the door was warpped so I got a new door installed this summer which worked perfectly until the first deep freeze in Northern Alberta. It’s not the weather stripping per se and redrilling the holes of the strike plate can be problematic as it could change again with the changing seasons. I resolved the issue with an adjustable strike plate for the door knob/lever. Adjusting it out towards the weather stripping as far as it goes, pulls the door shut as tight to the weather stripping as possible and allows the deadbolt to latch freely.