ThinkEco Modlet? Measures energy usage and has 2 outlets per unit

Does anyone know if the ThinkEco Modlet is compatible?

I like it because it also measures usage, has 2 plugs per outlet/socket/unit, and also is on sale at Best Buy.(24.99 a unit)

If it is compatible, can i still get the usage report through smartthings?  I am not a developer/etc so I would be interested in knowing if there is an existing app/setup to use to connect modlet

You can buy the modlet equivalet of a hub which plugs into your computer with a usb, but i rather have everything in one place.

Thank you!

It will depend on if they have an open API that will allow it to be accessed by the SmartThings system… I couldn’t find anything on their site in a 30 second glance of their system.

I just emailed their support and got this response “Thank you for your interest but is proprietary software and we don’t not offer an open API.”

so i guess that means no?

what other compatible products would allow you to monitor usage and turn on/off remotely?

also , what is the best deal/site to purchase SmartThings?  I see a package deal on the main site and individual components on (but i guess if you buy from you will have to pay a monthly fee??

thanks in advance!

Hi Kirsten,

Since it is proprietary and will offer no API, that means we won’t be able to be compatible with their products. There will be no monthly fee’s. We will also have a store where you can purchase single items as soon as we have enough production.