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Anyone having issues logging into this site? Copying the person who set it up: @obycode

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I just logged in without a problem.

Log out completely, clear your cookies and cache and try again, or try it from a completely different computer. Also, do you use a Google login or one specific to the site? To be clear, my issue is with the Google Single Sign in.

I log directly into the site. I logged in via my phone.

Okay for me, I’m on a Mac.

Again, do you log on with Google Creds or just a direct login? Also, when I attempt to reset my password I get a database error as well…

Might be time to move my docs to another wiki…

That seems a bit hasty… I hope you don’t.

The only way is going to survive is with growth momentum, so pulling out hurts everyone, imho.

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Understood…And I am not doing it yet…however, if I am unable to log in and edit my documents it becomes a risk to lose all of my hard work. Also, I don’t know if there is a backup strategy for this site, or how it is maintained…

I totally agree the community needs a wiki and this DOES fill the need…If I can get this issue resolved along with defining the ownership structure (what if @obycode simply decides not to support it any longer??) I will get off the ledge :slight_smile:

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Several issues showed up with a recent software update. I hope to get it all figured out tonight.


I’m currently backing it up weekly, but I’ll update that to daily.

Manually, by me :slight_smile:.

I’m open to suggestions about this. The content is all public, so there should be no problems with ownership of the content.


Thanks! I appreciate the response!

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Any solution to this? Still can’t log in with my Google Creds or reset my password via the site.

I’m pretty sure my account there is also via Google Auth, and it is currently not working.

I suggest we give @obycode a little breathing room on this. The Wiki is a volunteer run site, after all, and glitches do occur even in mega-corporation for-profit systems :smiley_cat:.

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@MichaelS or @tgauchat: Could you let me know if you can login now? I have reverted back to an older version while I try to resolve the problem with the latest version of mediawiki.

Google Auth works for me (but not from mobile)… Thanks!

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Looks like it is working now! Thank you!