Thingshield--tell support you want them still offered

I know these are discontinued but after speaking to customer service, I was told they apparently are gathering numbers to gauge interest.

It would be beneficial to all that want these to contact customer service and be added to that ticket so that they better know the numbers of interested people.

Second off, ask to have the firmware and PCB design files published/released so that someone (like me) can run a batch of these if smartthings doesn’t want to start making these again.


Support has been notified. Thanks for taking up the cause.

Interested, though I don’t own an Arduino and haven’t the faintest about what I could actually do with one.

We could mainly attribute this to the fact that I haven’t been able to buy a ThingShield recently.

So, hell yeah, we want them still offered!

My two most useful projects that showcase Home Automation (and also demonstrate the SmartThings open platform that vaults them ahead of the competition) use the ThingShield.

Specifically, @d8adrvn 's irrigation project and the Honeywell Vista alarm panel integration by @d8adrvn and @ritchierich.

Lol the possibilities are endless lol

Here are my hopes:

-Integrate my Roomba and Scooba
-Lighting, temperature, pumps, feeding for my aquariums
-Diy pixels (addressable LEDs)
-Diy ir control for my devices (TV, etc) (really hate harmony and their take on things)
-Better presence detection using wifi sniffing and BT (this would also allow you to give presence to ppl without giving them access to smartthings)

I mean you could do this all with an esp8266 but it would require more work on st side… and I’d like to avoid using a boat load of wifi devices, or making my own mesh using things like the nrf24. It would be nice to do zwave (more secure) or ZigBee due to a) expanding existing mesh, b) reducing interference (mainly using zwave but can apply with ZigBee)

Another promising project is or the latter is already shipping but not expected to have American frequency till Feb 2017…

That was the main reason I went to smartthings… The thingshield… Only to find out it was discontinued…

Otherwise I would have went openhab.

Currently very upset with this as I came here with Arduino/PIC projects already made up and my choice was purely on integrating my stuff. Openhab was alot more work and compatibility was also flaky so went to ST, but hindsight being 20/20 I should have dealt with openhab as the end result may have been better.

I was looking into using the thingshield for a couple of home automation projects with the current project re-purposing an old alarm system that has hardwired contact and motion sensors sprinkled throughout the house. I just got into smartthings 2 weeks ago and it makes me apprehensive about getting further into this platform when I see the vendor discontinuing support for existing products. Guess I’m spoiled with obsolescence practices that is common in the industrial automation industry where products have published end of life procedures to notify folks of EOL before the product is considered for design inclusion and also you can still buy replacement spares for many more years after end of sale.

I wish… there never were supported outside of the US! I would have bought a truck load of them if they were!

One of the coolest products ST had. Please don’t take it away.

I have three of these and would have bought more if they weren’t frequently Out of Stock. I still would have likely purchased more in the future. Sad to see ST continuing to abandon it’s roots (Makers/Developers) that made it in the beginning.

I really want one. Please make it available.

I have been searching and searching trying to get some. Please offer them again.

Guys make sure you contact customer service. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, nor are they watching this post.

How do you mean not supported out of US… Were they blocked from working or was it a frequency thing (not sure if ZigBee is different accross the pond) …?

Not available for purchase locally, not available for shipping outside the US.

If i understand correctly, the US uses the same frequencies as Europe but at higher transmission levels in Europe which would make them illegal to use if you did manage to get one shipped over here (though functionally they would work)

I sent another request to support. All you get is the canned “sorry to be the bearer of bad news” message.

I’m so glad I stocked up one them before this happened.

I would be also interested in buying a few!

Uploading… Uploading…

not sure if these uploads are useful …

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upload 2 and upload 3

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You have one you would be willing to sell?