ThingShield Pinout

Anybody know where I can find a pinout of the thingshield? I am trying to connect it to a nodemcu esp8266. I know tx/rx has to be connected but how does it get power?

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Do you have one handy to try to look at the traces? … I have do dig my up off a stalled project.

But I’m guessing the 3V or 5V output lines on the POWER rail, no???

The thingshield is powered from the 5V pin; the 3V3 and VIN pins on the shield are not connected. There is 3.3V available on the shield, but it comes from an onboard regulator, not from the pin.

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Ill try the 5, tx/rx, and gnd. When I get home. Do you think it matters which gnd?

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The GND choice shouldn’t matter. I feel that the GND connections by the voltage input pins are a little bit better, but it isn’t a deal breaker.

Some other notes:

Pressing the reset switch pulls down the RESET on the internals of the shield as well as the RSTn pin on the outside header(by the voltage inputs to the shield)

Pin 6 is connected to the zigbee module on the shield, and has a 3.3V protection zener diode. I’m not sure of the purpose of this pin, the documentation may provide some insight.

Here’s the SmartThings Arduino Shield Schematic: