Things have Disappeared - Virtual on/off button tiles

The other day I thought is was losing it when I noticed my total connected Things indicated 57. I was sure it was 61 before but I shrugged it off until today. Sure enough 4 devices (out of 13 on/off button tiles) have disappeared from the ST App as well as the IDE “Devices” tab. Now, I know that the first reaction would be “Must have deleted them” but we all know in order to uninstall them they must first be disassociated from any smartapp. These devices each were associated with a minimum of 3 smartapps. I would have had to be asleep to unintentionally remove 4 such devices. The odd part is, rules/shortcuts associated with these devices still worked. (i.e. Door opens - turn on Switch). Each of these devices still appeared on the ActiOn 5 Webpage and were still very controllable. It was only after I re-added these devices via the ST IDE to my Device List did these shortcuts,rules and ActiOn stop working.

Anyway, all is back to normal but this is quite troubling. How did 4 such devices simply disappear? Will I need to re-add them (or others) again in the future??

I don’t have an answer but I want to know why I have phantom devices showing up on my dashboard. Two days ago I had two devices, one was a motion sensor and the other was a light switch. Neither one had any connection to my physical devices so I removed them.

Aha, so that is where they went. It was you!!! Dang. :smiling_imp:

Strange but I too see a changed no on my things, it was 54, now it is 53.

@cdikland, @jjhamb They’ve been migrated to your new v2 hub by the new migration toll, isn’t that amazing how well it works?


Once again, last night, was out warning, one on/off button tile totally disappeared. Re-adding the device was no biggie except it was defined in multiple smartapps and rules. Each of those had to be updated.

@625alex has speculated that SmartThings’s cloud server instances get out of sync from time to time.

If SmartThings is pushing a bunch of minor upgrades… Maybe? This isn’t the 90’s when database sync was an unrealistic dream!

:hushed: ST is using a database?? Thought they were still on RMS under VMS (look it up young one :smile:

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But why would that only impact virtual devices. Back in august I kept losing only virtual on/off button. Same yesterday. Never lost any other

Dunno. Total speculation here.
Perhaps “virtual devices” are more susceptible because they aren’t anchored to any physical device ID.

Old thread, but still an issue. I have lost 3-4 Virtual On/Off Button tiles in as many months. Just opened a support ticket (#146824) , and will follow-up with a link to this thread, to show that it is not an isolated incident or “user error.”