Things/devices dropping out

I have the V2 Samsung hub with 27 things attached. My question is that my hub picked all of my devices but I am slowly and are offline. How and why does this happen and how do I correct this situation I am running SmartThings Classic.

There are a lot of troubleshooting threads with some great suggestions already on this community… so we know which ones to point you to… what are your 27 devices and how far are each from the hub? Secondly how far is your hub from your WiFi router/access point?


Bulbs and switches mainly. The devices are right next to my hub. The hub is connected directly to the router over a 16 ft line. I am running the classic version with SmartThings V 2 hub. I have been unsuccessful in finding help on community.

Thank you.

Makes and models would be needed for help, depending on the bulbs you are using and how they are connected what you are experiencing maybe normal… the more info you provide the better the community can help. Also the length of your Ethernet cable does not matter… the physical distance between the 2 does.