Things/Dashboard Disparity

Has anyone experienced similar reporting? I have a switch that shows “ON” in Things but “OFF” in Dashboard. I’m not worried about how to fix the issue but more curious as to what’s going on internally that would allow the reporting of two different states by a single device.

I did see that once - I think a force quit / reload fixed it for me.

Yep, SmartThings knows about it too. They have had multiple reports. I’m hoping they release an update for it soon.


I’m just hoping it’s not additional signal interference as was the case with my other ST outlet. I was able to move it upstairs, replace with GE/Jasco and carry on without further issues.

I can’t do that with this one. Well, I could for $40 but I have no need for additional ST outlet upstairs at this time.


I had similar issues like that with my door lock. I ended up moving my hub and haven’t had any issues since. But yeah, there are definitely some bugs with the new dashboard and they are aware.