"Thing" picture

I know I can add a picture for a room, but I really want to add a picture for a thing. Is that possible? If not please add it to the feature request list.

Edit: I’m a dope… Click on the thing, then click on the gear icon, then “set device image”

Edit 2: Apparently I can add pictures to some things, but not others. For instance I can’t set a picture on my ecobee 3.

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That is a setting that the DTH author has control over (canChangeIcon is the parameter).

See: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/ref-docs/device-handler-ref.html


Apparently I wanted canChangeBackground instead of canChangeIcon. canChangeIcon only gives you the options built into smart things like these… http://scripts.3dgo.net/smartthings/icons/