They're here! : new Green Energy Battery-free Wall switches for Hue Bridge (Illumra, Busch-Jaeger, etc)

I found these switches really interesting, for example this one from ABB/Busch-Jaeger.

Finally some aestetics!

Anybody tried to pair any brand of the friends of hue switch series with ST?

Those look really nice!

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Anybody been successful in adding a Friends of Hue switch directly to ST?

great idea!

Hi, I’m now on Zigbee channel 24.

How to force Smarthome v2 to change frequency?

Try to add a Niko hue Dimmer Switch.

Grtn Ben

I believe the zigbee channel is set when the hub is initially setup. the only way to change it is to factory reset the hub and even then you have no control over which channel it picks.

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Can’t find any specs/details about this Niko, what Zigbee channels.

But when It’s Zigbee 3.0, then It’s useless to my smartthings hub v2.

I just paired it with my Philips Hue bridge that is also connected to the SmartThings

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Not necessarily true. I have several Zigbee 3.0 devices on my v2 hub. The ZIgbee spec says that a 3.0 device needs to be backwards compatible.

Why are you concerned about Zigbee channels? Are you having interference with the hub and your wifi router?

If you’re having a problem getting that Niko device to join your ST hub, it’s not a Zigbee channel issue. It means there’s no device handler available, or there’s a device handler available but it’s not being picked up properly because the device’s “fingerprint” isn’t recognized.

The reason your Hue bridge found it is because, well, it says is for Hue system.

Actually, it could be a channel issue.

The new “friends of Hue” Battery free switches are kind of an odd design as they Are using Zigbee green power, not the full zigbee 3.0 clusters. In order to save energy, these are teeny tiny pulse commands. And so far most of these devices have come out working only on a choice of two or three of the ZLL channels. (See the Illumra Details above in post #14.)

Since smartthings also used the ZHA channels, It’s quite common for a smartthings hub to be on a zigbee channel like 14 while the switch is on 25.

So adding one of these green power devices is not like adding a lightbulb which will find the right channel when it joins the network.

While zigbee 3.0 itself is backwards compatible, there are some exceptions for devices which would have been green power profile devices prior to Zigbee 3.0. (And of course there’s also a touch link issue, although that doesn’t apply to these particular devices) In particular, the manufacturers of green power devices are allowed to limit channel changes to manual touch patterns rather than making the device smart enough to do it on its own, which would require power the device doesn’t have.

All of which is to say that first before you do anything else you have to make sure that the channels match for these green power devices.

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SmartThings customer support can change your zigbee channel.

Tnx, but I don’t know if the four buttons have the same frequency paired as JD mentioned.

Now none of the four buttons pair with the SmartThings.

The Hue app knows on what Zigbee channel Hue hub is and tells the correct button to press. In this picture it says press the lower RH button and release after 10 sec. Then the Hue bridge pairs.

Open the Hue app, go to settings, and find your bridge.

There will be an information icon in the upper right (in English, it’s the letter “I“). Tap on that.

This will open up the screen showing the details of your hue bridge, including which Zigbee channel it is using.

You can easily change what zigbee channel the hue bridge uses through its app.

However, the smartthings hub is capable of using some channels that the Hue bridge does not.

If it is possible to set your Hue bridge to the same channel as your smartthings hub temporarily, then the Hue app should show you the correct tap pattern for that channel for your switch.

Once you have that, set your Hue bridge back to its original channel.

Now try adding the switch to your smartthings hub using the tap pattern you just learned.

Let us know how it goes. :sunglasses:

Hi JD, the result are not so good! :sunglasses:

The Zigbee channel of the SmartThings hub is on 24, the Hue bridge offers 11, 15, 20 & the current 25.

There is no way to get 24.

Funny problem.

Hue bridge :


That is unfortunate. It does happen, there are several Zigbee channels that the smartthings hub can use which the hue bridge cannot. And in order to change the Zigbee channel for the smartthings hub, you have to factory reset it and you have no control over what you get the next time. You might get one you can use, you might not. You might even get the same one you had before.

So I don’t know if it’s worth it to you to pursue this, or if you would rather just use the switch with the hue bridge.

Can anyone verify this?

Yes, support can. Just finished going through the process… support initially pushed back, but I kept on them and it was completed with very few issues. The only gotcha I’ve found is the old ST presence senors don’t support zigbee 25.


What contact did you use?

I had a request outstanding at to change my ZigBee channel from 11 to 25. Yesterday it (suddenly) appeared my channel had been changed :-), but it’s also possible from now (firmware version 000.032.00012) to modify the channel by yourself selecting My Hubs - View Utilities - Zigbee Utilities - Change Zigbee Channel.

Now my next point is to get this Green Power Friends of Hue smart switch enabled. This seems still an issue, although I was under the impression it should work after this channel change.

Working through several others threats and despite several people to write device handlers, it seems that ST does support Zigbee 3.0 including ZLL, but does not (yet) have a required GPS (Green Power Sink) implementation. This doesn’t seem to be a requirement for certification but it’s required to match/map GPD commands to instructions/scenes to other devices. That does make sense. Though now we have to get this on the roadmap, so where is the roadmap/request for input?

Other question. Would it be possible to ‘implement’ the sink functionality with a ST SmartApp?
In that case I would need, initially, to add my Friends of Hue smart button to ST. So far device pairing mode does not see/receive any pairing requests, no Live logging events or Hub events available.

The smart button can be paired with a Philips Hue bridge, but even then it won’t appear in ST as other device attached to the bridge do. Anyone experience in this area?

Thanks in advance!

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oh wow, never noticed that. nice!