Thermostats showing "SETPOINT" in ST app


Hub v2, with Z-Wave thermostats, among other things.

Everything worked well, setting my thermostats and reading the current temperature in the mobile app, before dabbling in my first SmartApp.

Since then, all thermostats in the mobile display “SETPOINT” instead of the current temperature. If I go into the device I can see the temperature, as I can see it through the Community web site. Everything still work perfectly, my SmartApp and other routines set the thermostats properly as can be confirmed on the devices themselves.

A minor annoyance to be honest, but I’d like to get the app to display current temperature again, and cannot seem to find the solution. I’m at a point where I would remove my thermostats from the network, reset them, delete them from ST and reconnect them, but I’d like to know if anybody had any ideas before I do that,

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what model thermostats?

Stelpro STZW402+

Now as I said, aside from the “SETPOINT” appearing in the mobile app, everything works perfectly. The "SETPOINT"s appeared after I used my SmartApp.

are you familiar with how to login to the web IDE?

Huuh, yeah? I wrote a SmartApp…

Sorry to bring back this old conversation but does anyone knows the step to show the set point instead of the current temperature for stelpro thermostat?