Thermostat with remote sensor

I currently have a 3m ct50 thermostat that is connected via wifi so that i can use it with my smartphone and also zwave so that i can control it via my smart things hub. Does anyone know of a way I can set this up so that I can use a remote sensor with it? I would like to mount the thermostat but sense the temperature from another part of the room.

I would be also willing to change the thermostat to a different kind that has a remote sensor already available for it. I have to be able to control this via WiFi as well as smart things because i find the smart things hub is not very dependable.

Ecobee 3, check it out

man you’re gonna love this. No rewiring needed.

get your CT50 talking to ST with this: You still get to use the native android app AND the web portal:

and remote reset it by another sensor with this:

So great it’s stupid how great.

As I said in my email,

You just need to be aware that the ST scheduler is not always reliable as the ecobee scheduler, as per this thread:

So, you need to keep an eye on it like any other scheduled smartapps.


also the honeywell prestige supports multiple sensors and outdoor sensors… and I modified the driver here to show my outside actual humidity and temp. just not it is note a true zwave device it is wifi. the driver uses their wif cloud api to read and set stuff. so it may stop working… the thermostat is nice … I also have sensors in the intake and outflow and it can alert me if the cooling or heating is not working up to snuff… it also controls my steam humidifier…
so far I have been unable to read or set the steam humidifier values but still looking into that.