Thermostat State Reporting Incorrectly

I am working on large integration project at a residential property. The connected WiFi Thermostats (Lutron-HWLV2-WIFI) are not showing the correct operating state in Smartthings (and Actiontiles, sharptools as fed downstream) when for eg the current temperature is 72F and the set point is raised to 73F. At this point, the thermostat correctly sends a call for heat and the heat turns on correctly and reads correctly within smartthings. However, when temp reaches 73F though smartthings then changes operating state to idle/off even though actual thermostat (and furnace) still remain on. Not sure if problem is bc tstat is incorrectly reporting it’s operating state to smartthings or smartthings is incorrectly interpreting its operating state as idle/off since the current temp has reached the set point. Obviously important to know the current correct state of the furnace. If it’s on it needs to read as such within smartthings. Please help. Would think problem needs to be addressed at the source and SmartApp can’t help if device handler is not reporting operating state correctly.