Thermostat SmartApps that uses Virtual Switches to control Mode/Fan/SetPoints

I know what to fix in the app. Remove the “//” from lines 112 and 113 and lines 139 and 140.

if ((evt.value == "on") || (evt.value == "off" ))

This line is in both places and need to be active.

The Github will be updated in a few minutes.

That helped :smile:
What’s the impact of using the momentary vs the regular button, just trying to understand the differences.

Thanks for your work!

I was hoping for some time savings and shorting sone processing steps by using another method for on/off. Have you notes any decrease in response time?

Plus I did like the on off visual for a virtual device that was just glorified slider.

I also have another non thermostat app I am thinking about that could that new switch.

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That’s cool, I was just curious. I am still learning about all the different buttons. I can test the time tomorrow, everyone is sleeping now…lol


Whose/Which device type are you using with your thermostat? I am not sure if these are custom commands or build in options.

The one I am using has two command methods to change the setpoint. The one the app uses have a 30-40 second delay before updating code. There another command code that changes the thermostat much faster. My modified code that I am testing now has about 1 or 2 second delay once the dimmer switch is changed for the thermostat to update. I have an inquiry out to the community to see what the risk/benefits are to switch to the faster command. This way only the app is changed and not the device type for the thermostat or dimmers.

If things turn out OK to switch, I will update both the standard dimmer option app and the momentary dimmer app. Although, I may consider one app with the option to use either dimmer device type

I am using a CT101 which I believe is just a lowes brand of the ct100 and the device type from here:

The 40 second delay is really not that big of a deal but quicker is always better though :smile:

OK we both have the same device and use the same device type.
I chatted with RBoy and he said there is no issue using the setQuick commands. I will update both the setpoint app using the regular dimmer and the new momentary dimmer this evening on gitHub.

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Sweet!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

The new versions of the Thermostat Setpoints apps are in my gitHub repository. The links above should take you to the updated files.

The original app uses the regular dimmer device type. The alternate version of the app uses the new/custom device type, Momentary Dimmer".

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Ill try it out tonight

@DarcRanger- this should work the same with the Ecobee 3 correct? I am using it on the stock device type but when I tell Alexa to change it, the command never makes it to the thermostat. It does show the action in the hello home section though except it only shows the set point for heat. Any ideas? It’s probably something I did wrong


The apps require two switches to be selected. Each switch controls a different mode one for cooling and one for heating. Are you using both switch spots? Which switch name are you triggering through Alexa, heating or cooling?

Which version are using, the one for the virtual dimmer switch or the custom type I made for a virtual momentary switch with the dimmer slider?

I definitely have two. I used the virtual dimmers with the first version of your app and used your beta momentary switches with the updated app. For some reason the thermostat isn’t responding to the app but the app is pushing a notification if I change the temp from the things page. Weird

The momentary dimmer should only be used with the second app, or the app from my posting that contains both gitHub scripts. My first version is near the top of this page.

The app is setup so if you change things on the thermostat then the dimmer or momentary dimmer would reflect the change and sends an alert. This is designed to keep the thermostat and switch in sync.

Does changing the setting from the dimmer switch only send the notification.

What is the original name of the thermostat app you are using. I need to see if it can tack advantage of the quickset commands?

I am using the stick Ecobee app. The dimmers do not cause a response from the thermostat. It has to be something that I am missing. Right now I’m using your original app and two virtual dinners.

@DarcRanger, IN SECONDS!!! It happens in seconds…basically instantly!

This is awesome.


I found the default Ecobee code and it does not take advantage of the quicksetCool and quicksetHeat commands.

This is not a lost cause. If you are will to alter my code, there are 2 sets of changes, only 4 small changes to make.

Change lines 124 and 125 from:




It is just swapping the “//” around.

The next thing to change are lines 151 and 152.




See if these changes will help. I change it to the quickset, to reduce the delay time between the dimmer switch and thermostat. I do not see a delay trigger in the Ecobee app, but it is code different than the thermostat I use.

@swindmiller, I glad you like the changes. Are you using the momentary dimmer version or the original version?

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I switched to the momentary. Still trying different terms to trigger it. “The thermostat” and “the temperature” work so far. I also am going to try “the air” and “the a. c.” but had trouble finding a quiet time I could test, the house was loud tonight :smile:
Will check tomorrow.

That did the trick! Thanks so much.