Thermostat Slider

Anyone else try using the Thermostat Slider?

I LOVE that I can manually adjust the temp in the app on my phone now. But could I put in a request for some adjustment to me made to it?

I find it extremely difficult (maybe it’s just me) to really lock in on the temp I actually want. If say I want to change the AC from 73 to 72… the first time I tried it took like 4 times to actually get it to the right temp - with temps popping from 79 down to 70 when I’d let go of the button.

Maybe - keep the dot in the center - so a person could slide if they like. But - add arrows on the ends so I can toggle it just a degree or two?

< --------- O -------- >

I grab the O in the middle - I can slide to temp. I tap the arrow on the left - it goes down a degree each tap. Thoughts?

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Makes sense to me. Android doesn’t have sliders yet, but when it does I’m sure I’ll be in the same boat you’re in: Hard to be precise with big fingers!

I had issues with the dimmer slider too on my iPhone before I switched to the Android beta (they may have fixed it since then)

I had the same issue with the thermostat slider (I didn’t notice it with the Dimmer slider so maybe it has been fixed). I like Eric’s recommendation. I was thinking along the lines of text entry to directly enter the set-point target.

@trotsky40 - (Blake) yeah - I thought about that as well - just an option to enter the number you want it set to. I’d be happy with either option. :slight_smile:

The sliders were thrown in as a stopgap until the UI guys come up with a specialized tile for setpoints. The sliders wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t the entire 0-100 range. If they went from 50-95 in the same space it would be easier to hit an exact number

There is a version of thermostat device type out there that uses buttons, but the delay makes it almost as bad. Device Types do not have enough functionality to get over the one press=one command problem with the buttons and allow for faster changing.

Wow, I can’t believe we are here in February of 2016 and this issue has not been addressed! This is crazy, all they have to do is change the sliders to up/down buttons. I’m over here trying to create a custom device type in the smartthings api and it’s complicated. I shouldn’t have to go through this to get the app to work the way it should.