Thermostat Multiple Temperature Sensors

I’m working on a SmartApp which will adjust the thermostat to keep it on if a temperature sensor in another room is outside the thermostat range. I’m trying to do this by adjusting the heatpoint and coolingpoint by the variation in the temperature range from the thermostat. The problem is I need to be able to access the original value somewhere after I change it. Does anyone know of a way to access the values in the settings for Routines? I need access to the heating and cooling values in the active Routine.

The only thing I see in the documentation about accessing variables across instances is the web services and I was trying to avoid using web services.

you get anything worked out for this. Its what I am looking for Keep me Cozy does 1/2 of it but if it raises the temp it doesnt lower it back down for me

The only thing I’ve been able to find is to pass the variable to a virtual device such as a virtual dimmer. You can pass a small integer that way and retrieve it later.

I have been modifying KMC and am having good results but need to QA a bit more before I share.