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Thermostat (HVAC) Fan to Control Ceiling Fan

(Daniel C) #1

Trying to see if there is away to turn on/off my ceiling fan when my HVAC fan is on/off.

(Matt) #2

is the ceiling fan on a Zwave or Zigbee switch?

If so

rule machine
Thermostat state
Fan only
Thermostat state
thermostat state

any of conditions

turn switch on
your fan

(Daniel C) #3

Thank you Matt,

Both (ceiling fan switch and thermostat) are GE z-wave devises.

I’m not a programmer, just a DIY-er. What is Rule Machine, Condition?

Sorry for my ignorance.

(Matt) #4

read this you will love all you can do with rule machine…

(Dale C) #5

You might consider controlling the ceiling fan with a smartapp designed for that purpose…
Here is a smartapp I did called 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat and is specifically designed to work with your GE Smart Fan Control device.