Thermostat (HVAC) Fan to Control Ceiling Fan

Trying to see if there is away to turn on/off my ceiling fan when my HVAC fan is on/off.

is the ceiling fan on a Zwave or Zigbee switch?

If so

rule machine
Thermostat state
Fan only
Thermostat state
thermostat state

any of conditions

turn switch on
your fan

Thank you Matt,

Both (ceiling fan switch and thermostat) are GE z-wave devises.

I’m not a programmer, just a DIY-er. What is Rule Machine, Condition?

Sorry for my ignorance.

read this you will love all you can do with rule machine…

You might consider controlling the ceiling fan with a smartapp designed for that purpose…
Here is a smartapp I did called 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat and is specifically designed to work with your GE Smart Fan Control device.